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Smith Chart 3.0 is the newest version of our popular software for transmission line and impedance matching calculations.

Smith Chart 3.0 is a Windows-compatible software package for the analysis and design of transmission line circuits, impedance matching problems, and transistor amplifier design. Some of the new features of version 3.0 include the following:

Smith Chart 3.0 is intended for use by RF and wireless engineers, students, and researchers who need quick and accurate solutions to transmission line, impedance matching, and amplifier design problems. The four modes of operation for Smith Chart 3.0 are described below:

Basic Smith Chart Operations: In this mode, all basic Smith chart operations can be carried out. These include entering new data points, setting the phase and SWR cursors, setting the phase reference, inverting a data point, moving along an SWR circle, moving along a constant r/g circle, deleting a data point, setting the characteristic impedance, and entering data point labels.

Plot Data Sets on Smith Chart: This mode allows you to read and plot one or two data sets on the same chart. Linear or spline interpolation can be applied to each impedance loci, and labels can be plotted for data points and data sets.

Impedance Matching: In this mode, load impedance data is read from a file, and a matching circuit is automatically designed at a frequency selected by the user. Possible matching circuits include a quarter-wave transformer, series or shunt stub tuners, and LC networks. Both load impedance and the input impedance to the matching circuit are plotted versus frequency.

Amplifier Design: This mode can be used to aid in the design of small-signal transistor amplifiers. S parameters are read from a data file, stability circles are plotted, and K-D values are calculated. If the device is unilateral and unconditionally stable, constant gain circles can be plotted for the input and output sections.

Here is a screen shot showing Smith Chart 3.0 being used to design an impedance matching network.

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